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19 Nov

a sense of community


Posted by: Carie and Tammy Harmony Mortgage Group

A Sense Of Community – Harmony Mortgage Group, Doing Our Part!

Harmony Mortgage Group has always been hands on within our community.  Carie and I have always made it a priority to get involved and are naturally very outgoing people.  So when Jodi Derksen, wife of the head coach Mike Derksen for the Chilliwack Giants Football Organization, approached us about sponsorship it just made perfect sense for us to jump on board and support this worthy cause.

With an organizational motto “Training Athletes. Developing Individuals” Carie and I  knew right away that the Chilliwack Giants Football Club was more than just an opportunity for youth to play a sport and blow off some steam.  The organization is committed to the great tradition of football and teaching life skills on and off the field.  They are as committed to building good character and confident youth as they are to the actual game of Football.  This organization understands that the two aspects go hand in hand as they support the athlete and individual at the same time.


Congratulations to the 2014 Raffle Truck winner Kristy Slykerman!

In their own words: The mission of Chilliwack Minor Football is to provide an environment for the youth of our community to participate in learning and developing both individual and team sportsmanship. It is our wish to allow those who participate in the sport to develop and play at a level consistent with their aspirations and to develop into the young men and women that both their parents and their community may be proud of. We hope to encourage and promote improvement in physical education, healthier life styles, and scholastic standings and standards.”

Carie and I both being Moms we understand how important the two aspects of sport and individuals are and that one feeds the other.  So with the Harmony Mortgage Group Logo on the Raffle Truck this year and a commitment to hydrating all those athletes with a donation of water bottles we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a great asset to Chilliwack youth and the game of Football. 

Watch for us in the future as we continue to support great causes and local organizations like this one.

2013 CMFA Scholarship Winners